Cold Air Intake Systems – Should You Use One?


It is no secret that, starting with the invention of the internal combustion engine, gear heads everywhere have been inventing ways to create more power, and increase the solidity of performance. Cold air intake systems do exactly that.


While a car’s stock intake was specifically designed to fit perfectly within the car’s engine block and reduce noise input, it doesn’t exactly make for an efficient air delivery system. This is why performance air intakes, such as cold air intake systems, are easy (and generally affordable) ways to give your ride significant increases in horsepower, torque, and fuel economy. A cold air intake system allows your engine to breathe better, and the under-the-hood results are immediate. Most of the air intake systems out there today are simple bolt-up installations, which makes them a great addition for easy power gains. Many cold air intake systems are available in complete kits that already come with all the required hardware and detailed instructions. Pick up one of these and, with just a few simple hand tools, you will be hitting the streets in just under two hours.



So, how does it all work? As science has proven time and time again, cold air is more dense than hot air. This means that cold air will pack more oxygen molecules into an engine than warm air would. This cool, dense air charge is the key to getting more power from your engine, since more oxygen in your engine means more combustion, which will lead to more power.


Air intake systems are classified, in a general sense, by the type of air that they bring in. Cold air intake systems pull air from outside of the engine compartment, on through the front of the vehicle or inner fender. Conversely, other air intakes simply pull air from the engine air. Since cool air is optimal for increasing power, cold air intake system kits are better at building horsepower.


Want to make your engine purr? Go for a cold air intake system from


The Cutting Edge 4K Movies


Gone to glory are the days you could strain your eyes to view the finer details in a movie or cinema hall as the cutting edge 4k technology is out in a full swing. It caters for all your entertainment needs and would really transform you movie entertainment spirits moreso if you are a movie addict. In case you are planning to buy a TV and do not know which is the best to buy, then gear your thoughts to buying a UHD 4K TV for the best performance. At an affordable cost, you can stream the best quality 4k movies at the comfort of your home. Netflix herein is the first innovator to bring forth the 4k movies trend and is now being adopted by most of the streaming service providers. Among the top notch examples of streaming movies offered by Netflix through the 4K technology include the ��Season 2 House of Cards’ which has received quite a warm welcome in the market.


Furthermore, you can find 4k content offered by other streaming service providers such as YouTube or Vimeo. Lately, High Definition TV seems like news of the previous day due to the release of UHD 4K TV. You can access 4k content at the comfort of your home. What you only need to have is a strong internet network of up to 25 mbps to you to stream the content very well. They are far much clearer than any other HD TV content out there and their uncompressed clips do render 4k content the best. Moreover, one can also access 4k content by use of their home computer. This however will require the strongest graphics card in your computer.

WinX YouTube Downloader Deluxe offers smooth download experience in case you want to access 4k content. The user is just required to copy the link of the content that they need and then paste it in the downloader. Most would prefer the clarity of the images offered in the 4k movies and some would love the fact that the content can be converted into their own desired resolution but still maintaining the best image quality.

Canon 4K Cinema

The famous Blu-Ray discs are now being ditched away though Blu-Ray is doing all the much they can to deliver the best 4k content in their movies. Samsung, Sony, LG and many others are also on the rise offering quality content on 4k technology. Your entertainment is now worthy with the fast paced 4k technology. Embrace this awesome technology in your entertainment needs today.

Where to Look for Medical Handcycle Parts

There is a countless number of handcycles available both for the young and old. If you are a handcycle rider and you are too engrossed with cycling, whether you do it purely for fun or you are someone who is handcycling for a more serious and competitive approach, you should be well knowledgeable about where to look for medical handcycle parts in case you need some for repair or total replacement of old parts of your handcycle.

Where to Look for Medical Handcycle Parts

There are many reasons why a handcycle part would be needed. Usually, parts are needed because something needs fixing. But if you’re a handcyclist, most often than not, you would need medical handcycle parts in order to upgrade your handcycle. Such upgrade is needed for a better performance of your handcycle in case you plan to join a competition. And in order to get the best parts of handcycles in your area, you have to know where to head to.

The Internet is the best source for finding the best and most affordable handcycle parts you could ever have. Actually, the Internet is the place to go to if you are looking for anything and everything under the sun. With the innumerable sites you can search for, you can certainly find the best online stores that can provide you with the specific handcycle parts you need. But you need to bear in mind that among the various available stores online, there would always be those that would only take advantage of you. So you have to find an online shop that is known for its good service. All you need to do is make some background research or try to talk to some friends who have the same interest as you and ask for recommendation so as not to waste your money on something that is of low quality or, worst, lose your money to a bogus seller.

Where to Look for Medical Handcycle Parts

Aside from the Internet, you can also try to visit shops near your area. Of course there would always be a shop where you can find medical handcycle parts that would best fit your needs.

So what are you waiting for? If you need to buy a medical handcycle part, you already know where to head to. There’s no need to stress yourself out because you can have what you need, either by buying online or going to a shop located near you. It’s all up to you. Now that you already got an option, choose what is most convenient.

Wheelchair Handcycles for People with Disabilities

There are different modes of transportation that we, people, enjoy. However, for those with disabilities, it is quite difficult for them to enjoy the privilege and convenience of being able to run some types of vehicles. For people with lower and higher spinal injuries, as well as those who are paraplegic, learning to ride is somewhat a challenge. But at least it is never impossible because of the most popular human-powered land vehicle today – the wheelchair handcycles.

Wheelchair Handcycles for People with Disabilities

Wheelchair handcycles are designed and specifically made for individuals who have disabilities in the spinal area and lower extremities. They are being controlled with the use of a steering wheel that is hand operated. These cycles are great for recreation and sports. They can also be used a means for transportation within not-so-distant places. These days, more and more enhanced wheelchair handcycles are being made in order to make every person with disability more at ease in using them.

Some of the makers of these handbikes customize designs based on the preferences of their customers, specifically those who use such vehicle for competition. There are also those who just use their old wheelchair and simply add a few gadgets to make it a handbike. If you get to ask the price of these handbikes, well, it is quite an amount, especially if you will opt for the high-end ones. But for those who really want to enjoy or to experience the feeling of going for a ride, money doesn’t really matter.

Wheelchair Handcycles for People with Disabilities

Find the best deals for these handcycles and experience for yourself the happiness and satisfaction of being able to stroll around the neighborhood conveniently or go for the more intense and challenging handcycle experience by joining a competition. Just make sure to find the best handcycle that will suit your needs.

Travel Adventure Handcyling Is Getting More Popular

When someone thinks about cycling, he might picture an event in the Tour de France, a large number of cyclists who weave down in unison the narrow country roads and change patterns like birds that migrate to the south. However, cycling is not just a competitive sport with the likes of pro athletes like Lance Armstrong. Cycling knows no bounds, it reached people of all ages and abilities. This is the main reason why handcycling or travel adventure cycling is becoming more popular.

Travel Adventure Handcyling Is Getting More Popular

Handcycling or adaptive cycling started earlier in the 90s. The models of the handcycles went from the traditional to more customizable and complex including features like more stability, more gears and adjustable footrests and seating. The equivalent of handcycling is the upside-down bicycle but in general, the gearing is similar whether it is seven speed or more advanced model. With handcycling, the rider’s hands are used to pedal instead of his feet and he is on three wheels.

Handcycling is easy to learn compared to cycling and most of all, it does not require many skills. Also, handcylcing differs from wheelchair racing since wheelchair racing needs a lot of time to train in order to learn the tricks and achieve the satisfaction of playing, for some it is a sport that can be frustrating. However, handcycling is different, it is easy to learn and the rider can have fun. The only limitation that handcycling possesses is how to transfer since people cannot transfer easily that low. Luckily, recreational bikes are growing in number in the market, they have higher seats and make the transfer easy but this kind of handcycle is only for recreational style and cannot be used in rocky and rough terrain.

Travel Adventure Handcyling Is Getting More Popular

The hardest thing that most riders experience is that they get easily tired because of lack of exercise but as they progress, they can easily learn to switch gears and work on longer rides.

With so many advantages that handcycling has, this is the reason why travel adventure handcycling is getting more popular.

Top Of The Line Handcycling Bike

There are many handcycling bikes available in the market today but if you want those that have the best features and qualities, buy those that are top of the line. To help you pick the best, here are some of them:

Top Of The Line Handcycling Bike

New Top End Force RX

This handcycling bike is the most competitive and latest in the series of Top End Core. It is the combination of the Top End Force X’s hypersonic speed and the adjustability, aerodynamics and lightweight qualities of the Top End Force R. The frame is made of the heat treated 7005 aluminum and fabricated with a single side frame as well as the presence of multiple enhancements to give the user a reclined position without interferences.

Top End Force 3

This handcycling bike features a frame design that is wrap-around, upgraded upper chain ring and cable driven brake including disk brakes. All of these in one great price and this is available in the market since June 2014. If you are someone who just started the sport or ready for the next level of competition, this makes it a perfect one. Also, this new product replaces the Top End Force 2 but got a total makeover. Definitely, you will love this redesigned handcycling bike because of the following reasons:

  • It has a sleek and stiff wrap-around frame with higher height of transfer seat and more ground clearance.
  • It has a standard reclining back seat but it has an available option of straight back or trunk powered position.
  • The wheel size of 26-599 offers various tire choices from knobby tires, cruiser tires or road tires.
  • The best thing about this handcycling bike is that it is available in bicycle shops.

Force G Handcycle

This kind of handcylcing bike is a jet because its aerodynamic design is trunk powered, adjustable, erect position for those amputees and low paras. The competitors can gut it using their arms, abdominal, chest muscles and shoulders.

If you are looking for the best handcycling bike, these three belong to the top of the line.

Top End Excelerator Handcycle Types and Safety Features

There are different comfort, performance, and safety characteristics that are distinct in different kinds of handcycles.

Top End Excelerator Handcycle Types and Safety Features

If you are opting for recreation, then the XLT and Excelerator are fantastic models because they offer a low maintenance 7 speed hub and a reverse hands-on braking. There is the Li’l XLT and Excelerator for the kids too. When it comes to racing on hilly terrains of long distances, the XLT Gold, Top End Force, and XLT PRO are the best ride. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, Top End Excelerator handcycles are the best way to go about it.

Top End Forcer Handcycle Force R

Many of the manufacturers are excited about introducing the Top End Force R. This fine piece of work is built for one thing – good performance. It is stiff, aerodynamic, fast, and stylish.

Top End Force Handcycle

If you are serious about pushing the pace, there is nothing that can match the Top End Force handcycle. This handcycle was built to win. Due to its super-reclining position, sleek aerodynamic design, stiff reinforced frame, this handcycle will rock your ride.

Top End Force 2 Handcycle

This new Force 2 bike comes at a fantastic price. It’s a streamlined version of the famous Force handcycle. There is not a single handcycle on the market that possesses such great quality and features for less a price.

Top End Force G Handcycle

The new Top End Force G is fast. Pushing the pace through its aerodynamic design, this design provides an erect, adjustable, and trunk-powered position.

Top End Excelerator Handcycle Types and Safety Features

Top End Force K Handcycle

The new Top End Force K is a missile. It’s force really forces the pace through a kneeling position handcycle that’s available in three custom-made guided missile designs.

Top End XLT Pro Handcycle

This great handcycle is designed to provide total performance. It is the choice of many handcycle enthusiasts who are looking for maximum arm power in a recumbent position.

The Primal Stance on Handcycle Gym Equipment

Primal living in a breathtaking post-paleo world requires the making of a few concessions. We just can’t live in an exact accord with the methods of the primal man. For the majority of us, it is just not plausible to simply live off the land. And aside from that, even if we can shift to a completely hunter-gatherer society, would we really do it? As much as we want to follow the primal blueprint, we have become accustomed to the benefits and pleasures of living in the modern world.

The Primal Stance on Handcycle Gym Equipment

There are also creature comforts like nutritional science, evolutionary knowledge, and the latest in kinesiology that depend on science and drive, inform, and continually make the fundamentals of primal blueprint more relevant. After, people live according to necessity, and we are looking for ways of emulating such personal choice and lifestyle.

So what does this all have to do with handcycle gym equipment? Well, workout gears like protective gear, weights, and handcycle gym equipment can be a great thing when trying to imitate the primal blueprint even if many of us have no access to it. This is not to suggest that obtaining a great primal workout requires the best workout gear and equipment; quite the contrary, there are reliable fitness options for the interested individual without the need for expensive workout equipment. And should you decide to require the equipment, do not feel pressured in buying the best, boutique stuff. You are doing this for a primal health and fitness activity, not to push through with the consumer style that is opposed to the primal way of doing things.

The Primal Stance on Handcycle Gym Equipment

We are hard wired to think that we require special equipment in working out a decent sweat (the endless waltz of ridiculous equipment infomercials and gym commercials with Suzanne Somers and Chuck Norris in it, along with the very sexy, high-valued Nike commercials, are surely not helping you do the exercise that’s needed for you to become truly fit the primal way).

The right gear relies on external sources of fitness, and it is much easier to lay on the couch than to spend a ten-minute drive to the gym. We have outlined a lot of equipment-free fitness choices before, and the handcycle gym equipment helps get you fit the primal way. It is a truly viable workout equipment for those who want to stay fit and healthy the primal way. If you try this work out equipment, you will become much better in your outdoor cycling activities.

The Primal Stance on Handcycle Gym Equipment

You can be more creative about it and look for your own affordable equipment online. Just look around. Those push-ups and body weight squats may become less challenging for you in time. Try calling the kids and give them a ride on your back while doing the push-ups. Keep your eyes peeled on second-hand products. There may be second-hand handcycle gym gears that are no longer used by other individuals but are still durable enough for a decent workout.

The Best Handcycling Handbike In The Market

To help you in choosing the best handcycling handbike available in the market today, here are some of them:

The Best Handcycling Handbike In The Market
  • Force K Handcycle – The original price is $7,495 but because it is on sale, it has a lower price at $5,995. This handcycle handbike is considered a missile! The Force K is positioned as a kneeling handcycle that comes in three customs and the aerodynamic designs are created to measure. Generally, it is used by athletes who are most able while the version of Para Kneeler is created for paralegics and the Double Amp is designed for the amputees. The center frame construction possesses an internal rib that reinforces the frame of the handbike, in effect, it becomes super stiff to make it transfer power at a maximum level. Also, this handbike differs from others because it requires a detailed engineering measurement that can be seen in its order form. Controlling the turns is smoothly done yet it is fast with the presence of the steering dampener system.
  • Force RX Handcycle – It is originally priced at $6,645 but since it is on sale, it reduces to $5,395. The configuration of this handcycling handbike is easy, you just select a fork whether it is adjustable, fixed or adjustable length or height and pick components, either the standard speed of SRAM X9 10 or you can upgrade to Rival or SRAM XX.
  • Force CC Handcycle – Originally priced at $4,999 and went down to $4,449. This type of handcycling handbike can be used on the trails, it is lightweight but robust through its extreme climbing gears. The bike wheels are made of the sturdy 559-26 which are equipped with huge mountain bike tires as well as a front disk brake that is stop-on-a-dime. This design is a combination between the popular Force R and Force G with more enhanced ground clearance. Also, the back angle adjustment is aggressive to put the rider in charge of the rocks, rough terrain and hills.
The Best Handcycling Handbike In The Market

These are some of the best handcycling handbike that you can find in the market today at competitive prices.

Stationary Handcycle

Bicycles are utilized by a number of people for fitness, recreation, transportation, competition, and physical rehabilitation. Stationary cycle and stationary handcycle are primarily utilized for rehabilitation and fitness after injury or surgery or for indoor exercise. Cycling is a famous activity, but it can lead to injury if ever people don’t prepare their body or bike. Adjusting the bike to suit you is just like avoiding repetitive strains and a number of trauma injuries. Proper shoe selection, progression of training, strength training, stretching, and warming up are very important in preventing injuries.

Stationary Handcycle

Stationary and Traditional Cycles

Traditional bicycles are of four basic flavors: racing, sport/touring, hybrid2, and mountain. Versions of these exist, although these four are the basic. The major difference between these four types is in the frame angle. Adamant claims have been made against and for the several types depending on the enthusiast you are referring to.

Stationary Handcycle

Every style can cause a number of strains to different parts of the human body, especially when the bicycle isn’t adjusted properly. A majority of the bicycle sales consultants either don’t know how to do all the adjustments to customize the bicycle for you or just don’t bother at all. Learning to adjust your bike will allow you to fine-tune it in such a way that it fits your needs and reduces the chances of you getting injured.

Stationary Handcycle

If you are currently having problems with certain parts of your body, you must assess the kind of bicycle you are riding and figure out if it’s really the best choice for you. For example, if you have elbow and wrist problems, you must not join mountain biking because of the extreme stress it causes on the arms and hands. If you are suffering from back or neck problems, you must not ride touring or racing in sports bicycles but select a hybrid bike with an upright seat to relieve the strain from your back and neck.